A little bit about us

A little bit about us
Oh hello.

Thnx for to come to our gum blog. Let me introduce ourselves.

My sister Shannon and I have been chewing gum for about a quarter of a century now. We’ve always had an affinity for gum, dating back to the days of stuffing entire packs of Big League Chew in our cheeks and seeing who gagged first, the days of unrolling entire packages of Bubble Tape into our mouths, days of giant gum ball competitions (again, to see who would gag first). But it’s not all fun and games. We really do appreciate gum.

As kids we weren’t allowed to have sugar-based gums, and in hindsight it saved us a lot of time in the dentist. We have always chewed a lot of gum. A lot. of gum. I have been known to have upwards of nine packs of gum in my purse at one time. Shannon picks them up like playing cards at the check-out counter in target. We reminisce frequently about discontinued brands and flavors– Extra Original Bubblegum, which our father chewed when he quit smoking cigars, for example. We hope that someday they’ll bring it back.

Until then, we make it a point to try and rate every new gum on the market. From whitening gums in pop-out packages, to the many varieties of ripoff Orbit, we buy and try them all. With this blog, we present our findings to the world.

To find out about our own personal gum preferences, visit our profiles. For now, read on for some semi-objective analyses of the latest and greatest (and oldest and boldest) gums in your local drug store or newspaper stand.

Please to enjoy.